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Raj PIS - Patient Information System, an android smart phone and tablet cum web based software takes care all your patients info. and communication needs through latest innovative technologies

Access patient info. anytime and anywhere

What is Raj PIS

Raj PIS is an Android smart phone, tablet cum web based software for hi-tech Doctors of Clinic,Nursing Home and Hospitals. Raj PIS delivers health...

Key Feature

Patient info. search by NFC tag and smart card.Basic Health Parameter record and more.


Manage all patient information without Computers. Low maintenance cost.


Communication between doctor and patient made it easy through special features of Raj PIS.

Try a suitable Raj PIS version and harvest the benefits

There are many versions of Raj PIS software with different features. Let us know your needs. We shall customise the features to suit your need.

More Than 30 years We Protect Your Lives

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We have over 30 years experience providing expert software solutions for Health Care service providers.


A young, enthusiastic team of professionals are always here to help. Our actions will prove we are trust worthy. Give an opportunity for a...


Our support team would be available to help you whenever you want to do so through phone/video call, chat, user manual, video manual, e-mail etc...

In order to deliver the best health care services to the patients, Features like Patient registration with id card print, Fix appointment, Lab request, Lab report, Pharmacy features, Bill payment, etc. of Raj PIS- an innovative android based software are being  implemented to go live in the first phase in our Hospital.

UK is flooded with PIS software but this product is looking good from the many I have seen.

Benz LeeLondon

All the patient-centric features of Raj PIS software along with telemedicine module are being customized to suit the requirement of Julian Nursing Home, Chennai and they are impressive and useful to serve with delight factor to patients. Always they used to be prompt in service.


Reasons to Choose Us

Health Care Expertise

Consultants, Doctors and Specialist of medical profession with more than 30 years of real practicing experiences guide our development team and...

IT Expertise

Members of our technical team is having experience in latest IT skills ranging from 3 to 32 years. The development team and quality control team...

Specialty of Raj PIS

Raj PIS (Patient Information System) facilitates Health care @ Home, Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring to overcome the shortage of...

Outstanding Service Level

We do our best to provide the most reliable support to all customers. Our dedicated support team makes you to understand Raj PIS software fully...

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