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Data Analytics

Data is money. If we have analytical mind set with more patients data on various parameters and observations, we can do wonders. Patients health care related data can be used for analytical purpose to make right decisions/inferences. Big Data in healthcare is being used to predict epidemics, for better treatment plan, preventive measures, curing of diseases, improve quality of life, etc. Data driven approach in health care domain through mobile platform would revolutionise the health care delivery and throw more light on patients health care, diagnosis of disease, its spreading trends and patterns, correlation with other parameter, factors, life style etc.

6 Sigma and 5S

We at Raj InfotechBiz Solutions practice Six sigma and 5S across many industry and service segments as it brings many benefits to customers. The benefits of practicing six sigma and 5S in health care delivery units are: Reduction in variation in any health care delivery service, Cycle Time of any process of health care service and Defects in any health care related service. All leads to patient’s delight. Practicing six sigma and 5S in hospital environment would definitely help to improve delivery of services with quality on time to patients and performance of the hospitals.
You can contact us for a discussion to find out how six sigma and 5S concepts going to help your clinic/nursing home/hospital.

Raj PIS for Dental Clinic

Raj PIS software can be used by any Dental Clinic. Features such as Patient Registration, Patient Id card print, Pre-Investigation, SMS and E-Mail based appointment time intimation with token No., Consulting/Procedure with details of treatment plan, Prescription, OP Chart, History, Bill Payment, Patient Review, etc. are made available along with Pharmacy module with Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Billing summary features etc. Feel free to speak to our consultants to select and implement right features for your need.

IOT (Internet of Things) in Healthcare

IOT can be used for real time location track, patient flow track, sharing of patient’s vitals, environment monitoring i.e. checking temperature etc. IOT is playing major role in remote patient monitoring.