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Raj PIS (Patient Information System) facilitates Health care @ Home, Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring to overcome the shortage of skilled medical practitioners at the particular location or rural place. Raj PIS deployed android tablet enables Doctors, Nurses and other para medical staffs to access and share patient’s vital parameters/information on 24/7 basis from any place from cloud/local server, diagnostics centers, devices/equipments, Laboratories etc. to take quick decision on patient’s health condition in order to save their life. It is very easy to use and carry with you. Using Raj PIS as a Doctor, you can consult or speak to your patient while driving a car or waiting in an airport, etc. Raj PIS helps the Hospital/Nursing Home/Clinic for seamless integration of diagnostic equipments of SCAN, X’Ray etc. of other Diagnostic centers/ Laboratories to save time and cost. Raj PIS assists the doctors on duty and nurses at the nursing counters to enter the data of patients with out any errors through their own hand writing also.